Monday, November 02, 2009

Do things have feelings? do I write this. Okay I'll give some example lah..

Story One:
One time long..long that time we just got married and we had Proton Wira at that time. One day we went to shopping complex and there was a car show. So me and hubby looked around trying and joking with each other, maybe we should get this car to replace our Wira..

Then on the way back, we got into a minor accident, and my Wira had to be sent for repair for the FIRST TIME ever..

Story Two:
I was contemplating  to change my spectacles that was almost two years.  So last week,  I was chit-chatting with a collegue..telling her about changing my specs but not really rushing lah..its just that 'dah tak cantik'.

And so..last Saturday my spectacles was broken in the hands of my son, Nazif. 'Patah riuk' that there's no hope of repairing..huwaaaa...luckily i managed to get a new specs in a short period of time.But then its way out of my this month budget lah..huhu..

See? See? Do you get what I mean? Did my car and my spectacles really 'terasa hati' with me?

14 apples:


gosh... i oso had that dear! a couple


mcm betul kan? boleh percaya tak, ke jadik superstitious camtu? tapi, i still believe it's true


i do think the answer is YES..ehehehe

Baby Lyana

Yes.... definitely..
dah kena few times pun


laen kali kakok jgn la ckp nk ganti...ckp nk cari kwn utk brg la brg tu x majuk....hikhik


Milin, modd, CT, Shaf and Adik Keciy:
Yes..nmpknya kata2 itu adalah satu harus berhati2 kan!


ehh...mmg laa...esp kereta...jgn terniat pun...tink its crazy but it happens....


haha...i have the same thinking...but always kene kutuk with my hubby .. hehe...


Selalu gak dgr, esp kereta.. Kalo sebut nak jual ke ape, ada la yang tak kena n start meragam..
Tatau la betul ke tidak..


yelaa ida... aku pun slalu gak kene camtu.. derang memang terasa ati, watch out ...jgn ckp dpn derang eh..heheh...


I have to agree especially with cars!:)


yes, cars definitely..what are they? sume ada gaya Herbie je..



it was nice meeting you again last saturday after sooo many years! :)

i pun dah byk kali experience these kind of things.. especially with cars. Well actually, it happened to all my cars (previous and current)... bila berangan je nak tukar... mesti rosak! jenuh hantar repair!

tapi how la to avoid it kan? :D


i think it is our own unconcious actions of sabotage that makes all this thing happened. sebab kita dah x mau, kita kurang kasi attention or kurang jaga brg2 tu. it happened a lot of times with me and my handphones!