Monday, November 30, 2009

Whats' Your Child Eating Habit?

I am one lucky  Mummy when it comes to  my son's eating habit. Nazif I would say, not a picky eater. He's the one  that  PANTANG  jumpa makanan! Its always 'Nak, Nak, Nak' or 'Yum, Yum, Yum' when he saw food.

So of course as the Mummy, I definitely have to monitor his food intake. So far, his growth and weight are normal and according to the statistics. But sometimes, I can't help it, I became worried when he's always Nak, nak, nak. Yah, I'm worried when my son got the appetite when on the side some Mummies are worried that their children did not want to eat!

That's because if Nazif ate a lot, he tend to drink less of his milk. Which in my opinion, is still important for his well being. I don't want to stretch his tummy which maybe in later time could lead him to obesity. But so far, he's active nonetheless and I hope he continued being so.

We got one niece ( cousin to hubby's daughter) which I could term as an obese child and she's just 4 yrs old. She's got an extreme appetite, 2 or 3 helpings at one go. Of course people seeing her eating got excited, 'Wah pandai makan' and all that.'s the but. She's overweight, and her feet even got cracked due to the body weight. Sometimes she even crawled because her feet ached. Isn't that pity? And the latest, her leg got broken after some not-rough play with her sister, because she's unable to balance herself.

And my auntie even told some stories of children that contacted diabetes at the age of 3 years old. Can you believe it? Doesn't this alarmed you?

So, what do you think? Should I curb my son's appetite? Gave him only when necessary and don't just follow his request?

4 apples:

maya amir

ida.. nazif mcm muke ko laa..heheh.. ok2, i think budak2 punye makan kene control jugak tuh..sbb ade gak yg kecik2 dah obes kan? dah besar susah gak nk control tu..


Maya : Ni mesti dr gamba yg post sblm ni kan..muka aku ek..egegege..

Tu la...aku kena catu gakla and be selective bab mkn..mmg le debab tu nmpk kiut time kecik ni..nnt besar tak kiut kan!

Baby Lyana

rasanya kena catu mknn dia...tak kisah kalau dia nk mkn..but healthy and balanced for Lyana..dia mkn byk gak..but losing weight..risau jugak ni..maybe too active lor....x berhenti2 main dan berjln..


Shaf aka Baby Lyana : Yup, kena kasik balanced diet..Lyana tgh active tu , sama la dgn Nazif