Monday, November 23, 2009

Kesian Anak Mummy, Part Two

Last weekend hold some major events for Nazif and me as Mommy..

Not the good ones you know..

First, Nazif for the first time ever fell off the bed. He was jumping happily when suddenly..wosh! Kebabom! Luckily, it was not that hard because there was a carpet and a pillow, but still he cried quite hard. Mostly due to shocked I guess..Told you it was in a blink of an time I was watching him, then I turned to switch on the fan, and when I turned back, he already fell.

Secondly, in the car. This one we can't really say how it happened. I was in a shop at that time. His finger got stuck somewhere but there's an evidence of being 'tersepit'. He cried when he got it, but we thought because he wanted to follow me then..He cried very2 hard while saying 'Atit, atit'...

Thirdly, during my SIL engagement. We were in the bride's room. I was holding his hand when he suddenly pulled my hand and somehow got slipped and his head got knocked at the wardrobe. He cried of course and saying 'Atit,atit'...I didn't realized at first that there was blood..but then my biras told me there's blood trace on my mouth and my tudung --very small portion but enough to make me feel alarmed! Double checked his head and of course there's a small cut. Put some ointment, and Alhamdulillah it stopped bleeding but there's one benjol of course.

Its all part of growing up they say, but I certainly need to be more I a bad Mummy? Huhu...

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alahai siannye nazif...eniway..rasanya sume kids pun will experience that..cumanye xtau bila...its part of learning juga rasanya..tul x...

u r not a bad mummy dear...just some time it is not in our control..:)

Baby Lyana

u r not a bad mom! Lyana pun pernah jatuh katil...masa kat hotel.. i bgn gi toilet, x sampai seminit, diakalih terus jatuh... nangis terus..berbirat hidung 2-3 hari


kesian Nazif...masa jari dia tersepit pintu kereta tu, daddy turut merasakan keperitannya... :(


CT and Shaf : Thanks for the lah..part of motherhood kan..

Daddy : Masih terbyg muka dia time tu..kesiannya!

Drama Mama

no lah ur not a bad mommy. thing like this happen. irfan pun pernah jatuh countless of times, and then dia pernah tersepit jari kat pintu lif coz he loves to ketuk2 the pintu and i tak sempat pull him from there when the door opened.

liek u say. it's all part of growing up. what doesn't kill them makes them stronger. Cheer up k!


I'm a stay-at-home mom yg most of the time tak dpt buat apa but to look after my son especially now that he's so active, but there were times yg sekilas pandangan beralih je tiba2 tgk dia dah berdentum, jatuh la, tersepit la..lagi la rasa mcm nak hantuk2 kepala sebab sakit hati sebab anak jatuh/luka..isk isk..

but then again I guess that's a part and parcel of life for the child as well, we can't always protect them from all the harm and hurt in this world although we have tried our best..they have to experience the pain so that they will understand what it's don't beat yourself over it, OK.. :)