Thursday, November 05, 2009

You bite, I bite..

The biting drama of my son continued..

We came back from the office on Tuesday and the care takers informed us about Nazif being bitten again, this time at his chin. Last time it was a boy, this time a girl. Reasons? Fighting for toys, Nazif grabbed a toy from this little girl..My boy can be a little rough you see..especially when he scratched and pulled things.Ok, just need to share this piece of information with you all...

What You Need To Know

Biting is a normal behavior or phase for most younger children, which is the most important thing most parents need to know. ( altho its hard to act normal...hehehe)

Other important things to know about biting include that:
  • younger children often bite when they are teething, overtired, jealous, frustrated, mad, etc., or to simply see what happens when they bite, which is especially true of infants and younger toddlers, who may just be experimenting and exploring their world.

  • you should be careful not to overreact when your child bites, which can reinforce the biting because your child gets excited about the reaction it brings about.This is true when Nazif bit me when I'm breastfeeding him..lagi sakit adala..sib baik tak kena pelempang..huhuhuh...

  • don't do anything like bite your child back, physically punish your child, or put anything in her mouth when she bites.

Taken from this link.

4 apples:


ya ampun..mmg sakit kan kalau kene bite mase breastfeed die..heheh..sabau jeklaa..

Drama Mama

laaa kena gigit lagi! ermmm walaupun normal tapi it's hard jugak not to over react kan bila anak kita kena gitu huhu


alamak kesiannya nazif....asyik kene gigit jer....

p/s: dulu when daniel was in the stage of biting people, he seldom bit me...yang selalu kena were his atuk and nenek...but sometimes when he did bite me, i bit him back (referring to your point #3..hehe..) of course playfully la...just to let him know how kena bite feels like...miraculously, after a few times, he stopped biting people altogether...hehe...


suh nazif buat muka geram mcm dlm video tu kwn2 dia takot nk gigit..hahaha