Tuesday, November 17, 2009

17 Months Young!

My dearest son Nazif,

You are 17 months on 17 today! Mummy and daddy are truly thankful that we've been in this journey this far. You've grown so much dear, acting like a grown up each day. You've understood what we said, don't you?

You are such a parrot-like nowadays. Every words that we said to you, you are sure to repeat in your cute little ways. You've known cars sounds 'vroom', cow sounds 'moo', cat and tiger sounds 'meow' and duck sounds 'twek' (his version..hehehe) and many more. You said 'aceh' when you passed things or received things from people..

Everytime we came back from nursery, you'll definitely asked for your 'tek' in the cars. You got excited when you saw lorries on the road and point them as 'cars'..When we arrived, you straight away went to your study table and asked us to open your book to the page 'Mosque'. You said 'Allahuakbar' when you saw the image of people wearing songkok and said 'kok'. Then, its time for your dvd time. You would get to the drawer, and took out the cd/dvd and asked us to play for you. Your favourite cd so far is the Animal cd.

I can't really jot down all about you for there are many. You play like other kids, you throw tantrums sometimes especially during diaper changing ( we had to chase you around) and you eat like adults, hehehe..Oh another thing to remember, you know how to make 'Geram' and 'Comel' expressions..

Love: Mummy & Daddy

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Later mommy will put a video/pictures of Nazif's face expression...hehe. must be very interesting...