Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bulging Tummy?

It has been more than 9 months after I delivered my baby. And to date, I still got a few more kilos to shed in order to get back my pre-pregnancy weight. And on top of that, the most problematic area would be my bulging tummy..*haih*. What a sad sight..Once I got a question from an old male colleague;

"Bila due?"

Pang! I felt like someone slapped my face. Did my tummy look so obvious? Or because the blouse I'm wearing? Its nursing blouse cum pregnancy blouse, which after that day, I swore to never wear it again!!

And as if an answer to this, what better way to overcome this than having this awesome offer? Its Marie France Bodyline Anniversary and they are offering tummy reduction therapy for a price of RM58!

4 apples:

Baby Lyana

we have same problem la....ade org ckp i pregnant lagi...uwa.......slowly friend...slowly..

The Momster

I desperately need that too! Haha.


Baby Lyana: Tu laa...sensitip ooo...nak buat cemana, kita kan c-sect! Nak exercise lebih2 pun tak berani ooo

Momster : Jom try!

maya amir

aramakkkk...aku penah almost nak tanye kat neighbour aku gitu.. tapi aku rase mcm teruk plak kalau aku tanye gitu and luckily didnt ask sbb in the end aku dpt tau die ade fibroid ..ohw! jadik, org2 tu kene berhati2 ye bile nak tanye..adoiiyaii..