Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Obedient Wives Club

I have only come to realize about Malaysia's Obedient Wives Club a few days back. But only the first I thought it was something like Stepford Wives thingy. But turns out a bit differently and its rather shocking I might say. Its main concern is to teach wives to be submissive to their husbands sexual needs.

Something from the co-founders of the club
"What is wrong with being a whore ... to your husband?" 
Wow..what a term to use...they said by being that way, they will keep their husbands happy, which will lead to the protection of family institution and eventually can curb the social ills. Do you agree?

Well marriage is not about sex only. Two mature adults who have taken their vows on marriage must realized, marriage comes with other responsibilities too, besides that. 

One thing I agree, has been said by this fellow man:
One Muslim man, Amirul Aftar, wrote: "I do not want a wife to submit to my every beck and call. I want a wife who understands me ... we are not your masters, we are your equal."
Source : Here
Perempuan diciptakan dari tulang rusuk yang diambil dari sisi Adam, bukan dibuat dari kepalanya untuk memerintah dia, bukan dari kakinya untuk diinjak-injak olehnya, namun dari sisinya untuk menjadi sederajat dengan dia, di bahagian bawah dari tangannya untuk dilindungi, dekat ke hatinya untuk dikasihi.

9 apples:


nice..mana URL best!


asz : Alamak..byk le link kat msn malaysia homepage pastu search term ni

The Momster

read it this morning. how sure r they if sex is satisfying the husbands won't stray? ;)

they'll come up with different excuses next. right? :D

The Momster

But then again, jgnla samakan dgn prostitutes. How sure r they prostitutes are good at sex anyway? :D


Momster : that was the ultimate solution..for there are other factors too..


for me, all these are utk org2 merapu... y need such group or team or phrases...rasulullah kan dah ajar banyak dah on family relationship...ikut la.. (hahaha tetibe naik hangin plak kan..ntah hape2)


CT : Sabaq patutnya kita kembali ke ajaran Islam yg dah kategori ekstrem


kalau masa mampu lagi nak melayan kehendak seks suami boleh la nak jadi apa role sekali pon, dah tu bila isteri dah tua kematu, dah terbongkok2 kedut kering semua esok2 cemana, nafsu lelaki ni sampai mati pon tak habis..kasihannya mereka2 ni kalau dorang ingat kebahagiaan perkahwinan berlandaskan seks yg hebat semata2..


MQ : Ye MQ, couldn't agree more!