Monday, June 06, 2011

Novel : Something Blue by Emily Griffin

This is my latest, finished read. I managed to do a marathon of finishing it (after a few weeks reading it) last weekend when the kids and their daddy had their afternoon nap.

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So, this is the synopsis of the book:
Thirty years old, successful and stunning, Darcy Rhone used to think that 'being down and out' meant not finding a size four at the Barney's Warehouse Sale. Now she is pregnant, unmarried and recovering from a broken engagement to Dex and the betrayal of her ex-best friend Rachel, who stole Dex's affections. For the first time in her life, she is completely alone. Frantically casting around for help, she calls upon Ethan, an old high school friend, and convinces him to let her stay with him in London for a few weeks to get her act together. Little does she know what she's in for when she boards the plane to cross the Atlantic, but as weeks turn into months, Darcy makes a surprising discovery. Preparing for motherhood and settling into a new career, she builds herself a new life from scratch, finally finding romance - in the most unexpected place ...

After reading, it then I realized it is the sequel for Something Borrowed which now has been turned into the movie.So, its kinda cool because I can easily imagine Kate Hudson as Darcy ( but different hair color). About the whole book, this is my first time reading from Emily Griffin and I say it would just the same as other chic lits I've read before. Nothing too mind blowing, and I found that Darcy and Becky (Shopaholic) were of similar character.

And now, I'm onto my next book!

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