Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Taman Tamadun Islam

I did tell you about our impromptu decision to visit this place, Taman Tamadun Islam. It is situated in Pulau Wan Man Kuala Terengganu ( well its not an island though, just a place macam Pulau Tikus in Penang). 

Entrance Fee
The entrance fee was RM 25 for Adults, RM 20 for Senior Citizen(60 and above) and RM 15 for children ( Age 6 and above). With that fee, you will be given a Passport ( more like a handbook) bearing the pre-stamped of the monuments in the park. You will also be given RM 3 coupon for Cafe and RM 2 coupon for Souvenir Shop.

There are a total of 22 monuments ( that's the latest figure), the latest one being the Masjid Jamek in Singapore (Top-left in picture below) and the smallest replica so far.

From Top-Left: Masjid Jamek-Singapore, Aleppo Citadel-Syria, Qirawan Mosque-Tunisia, Kalyani Minaret-Uzbekistan, The Buggy,Masjidil Nabawi-Medina, Masjidil Haram-Mecca,

And among these 22 monuments, five of them come with what should I say an Interactive Showcase (they have a small theater and artifacts display of the place); Masjid Negara, Taj Mahal, Al-Hamra, Dome of The Rock and Masjidil Haram (which were closed temporarily for 3-D upgrade). For the Dome of the Rock, you can even went inside the monument to have the look and feel, Masya-Allah.

From Top-Left : Sultan Omar Ali Mosque-Brunei, Xian Mosque-China, Taj Mahal-India, Dome of the Rock-Palestin, Great Mosque Samarra-Iran, Al-Hambra, Sulaeyman Mosque-Turkey &  Kul-Sharif Mosque-Russia

For more information for the rest of monuments, you can try go to this link.

To go around the park, which is quite huge I might say, you can opt for bicycles, long tram or buggy ride. And for us, we rent the buggy which comes with a dedicated tour guide ( who was really2 informative by the way) for the cost of RM 55. Yeah quite costly, but it is convenient for us instead of taking the long tram which had dedicated time. But definitely worth it when you had the tour guide which was very good at her job.

Its quite fun I might say and definitely it suits the term edutainment park.Even my mom who was pretty skeptical and reluctant at first thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  For me, most of it was viewed from afar, one the weather was hot and I've got a baby to tend to. Until at one time I had to feed him during in the theater ( luckily it was dark). 

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