Friday, June 17, 2011

Nazif is THREE!

My Dearest Son Nazif,

Today you turned three years! Three years, dear and where have all the time gone? Look how tiny you are when I first hold you in my arms, my miracle, my first born.

But now, it take all my strength just to carry you. But I love it when you insist me to carry you, the way you hold me tight and put your head on my shoulder. I feel needed. Yes, I still need that assurance.

Today, look at you my young man. You talk and tell stories like an adult, although when you talk too fast you tend to stutter a bit. Your facial expressions that comes when you tell stories never ceases to amaze me. *Sigh*. I hope we can still carry on this conversation when you grow up. I hope I am the one you can count on to, your best companion when you grow older.

You pretty much still obsess with Ultraman figure. This one subject matter can throw you into tantrums. Though at times, I felt I can't tolerate your tantrums and I choose to ignore you. But how I can stay mad for long when you came and say Sorry, and give me your hug.

And now with you being the big brother, you have become more independent, more loving and you have learn to tolerate. You like to tickle your brother and both of you will laugh sweetly when you did that.

My heart burst whenever you tell your friends ' Tu Mummy Ajip..tu daddy Ajip' whenever I picked you up from your nursery. And I believed your Daddy felt that way too.

So dear, Happy Birthday to you..the day three years ago that when I first hold this sacred title. I pray, may your life will always be blessed, granted with rezeki and may you grow to be a Muslim that is responsible to your family, friends and all the people around you.

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The Momster

Happy birthday Nazif! Kisses from Aunty Nina! :)


Momster : Thanks Auntie Nina!!


Happy Birtday son...may god bless you always and give more happiness to you and families too. Daddy...