Thursday, October 15, 2009

Got Boobies?

Please, please don't think anything 'blue' with the title..hehehe..think PINK.

Its October and ignorant me just find out that its Pink Ribbon Month which we all associated with breast cancer awareness. This campaign encouraged and reminded us especially ME on why we should regularly check our precious boobies.

Regarding this self check breast examination or the simple term BSE, I've got a story to tell. It showed how important this simple check up. It is through this BSE that I found a small lump on my left breast.

I was just turning 21 at that time. At first I was simply trying around with the technique when my hand suddenly came across the lump. I was like, is this my rib bone ?(iyolah tuh..heheh) , and then I checked my right one, and there's no lump. After a few rounds of checking , the lump was still there and its time to PANIC!

I immediately went to clinic and then the doctor referred me to Prof Yip of PPUM. I still remember, it was Wednesday and they called it as Breast Clinic Day. So anyone with breast problem will see the doctor this day. And to tell you the truth, there were a lot of patients! You can't imagine the horror I felt at that time..Please don't let this thing be serious!

After such a long wait I finally got to see the doctor. She checked and confirmed the lump. (It was painful the way she pressed and 'gomol' the lump..and I can't stop crying). The lump can potentially got bigger and so she scheduled me for a minor operation. She convinced me it was not cancerous from the physical examination of the lump.

Alhamdullilah, I had safely gone through the minor operation which in total took just 20 minutes. Till date, there's no more lump..I must continuously do the BSE because this lump could reoccur you see.

How you can do the BSE?
Try googling the BSE and definitely there's plenty of it..hehehe..

So, ladies and mummies out there, let's give support to each other and also to for this good cause. Do check out the Got Boobies poster.Isn't it cute?

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Hey dear,

Thanks for blogging about your experience. It is indeed a valuable read for all women out there!

As part of the campaign, we are planning to share weekly stories and articles. It would be our honor to feature your experience under our "BOOBIES Stories Week", hence would like to ask your permission to put up your link!

Do let us know and thanks again! Good luck on the contest ;)

xoxo, Alice!


Alice hi! It was an honour for me! Yes you can put up my story!

Drama Mama

ughhh takut kan. nak kena check gak later, risau plak.


Drama Mama : Yes, you better check monthly...well..kalo tetiba teringat sekali sekala..terus aa buat


hy there.

I have to see Prof Yip for a second opinion.

Quite scared as my Gynae doc tell me that i might get a tiny lump on my breast.


May i know, how much will it cost me to see prof yip and the minor operation will roughly cost about how much?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for dropping by. My case was about ten years ago..hehe..i really can't tell you the exact amount bcoz i have forgotten..and the bill was settled by my parents. I think the operation cost around a few hundred not thousand as far as i can recall.

So goodluck dear..! I hope everything will be just ok.