Friday, October 02, 2009


Or in our Malay term it is called Kudis.

And my son have it! Uwaaa..stress aaa this Mummy. I think this is lanjutan from the mosquite bite that he got during Raya.

He's known to have eczema on his the mosquite bite him..and he started scratching like kruk krak kruk krak...until it bleds. Then after the bleeding stopped, the crusted thing appear lah right..and he scratched again..again and again..we even resorted to put handyplast to stop him from scratching but to no avail. And the one(S) that Nazif had was similar to this picture.

Picture from Google Image

Yesterday, met with a pediatrician and its confirmed it is it had melebarkan jangkitan to his face and head area..Pity him..

To know more about Impetigo, you can find it here at

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Drama Mama

kudis tu bole merebak eh? kesian sangat! get well soon.

my son suka garu2 coz he got sensitive skin like me. so memang bayak luka and parut kat kaki dia lately, kesian tengok.


Drama Mama: Yess..boleh merebak. Must make sure he got clean hands all the time..


laaaa siannye nazif....cepat baik ye...

errr kudis mmg merebak ek?? huhuhu kurang pengetahuan sungguh la hai....


Ida, I've been using products from BUDS, available from mothercare and certain pharmacy..

they have all kind of products, I currently using lotion utk mosquito bite, bum balm, head to toe wash..i think lotion specially for insect bite pon ada..for eczema they have special set..super soothing lotion and foam bath

my son ada eczema yg teruk sejak lahir, dah guna produk lain mcm eubos, sebamed, all kind of cream prescribed by paed, last2 dgn BUDS jugak serasi..

his skin very sensitive, kalo nyamuk gigit sampai jadi itam2, tapi I dilligently letak the lotion lama2 hilang parut tu..I risau takut jadi mcm kaki budak kg berkopeng2..kesian anak aku esok awek tgk tak lalu..haha..


MQ : TQ for the info..skrg for mosquite bite tu I ada guna Lucas Papaw..leh try BUDs after this plak