Thursday, October 01, 2009

My Story of Getting Pregnant - Part 9

What..this story again? Hahaha...sabare..sabare..

Yes, this will be my final last! But bear with will be a long entry!

Okeh..back from Umrah..we came back from umrah early of July and I got my period on our last day there..

Came August..jeng..jeng..jeng..

My period which was supposed to come has passed the due week..
At this time, I was in between should I do the pregnancy test or not? Okla..we did.


Then, another week gone by. Still my period did not come. Again checked. NEGATIVE.
At this point I was in mixed feelings..pregnant ke tak nih? So I decided to go to my gynae to check..

It turned out I got a small tiny weeny watery cyst in my ovary. This has caused haywire to my ovulation process, thus the late period. But the Dr. was not alarmed..he said the cyst will eventually disappear by itself and only then I'll got my period..something like that lah.

At that time I was like..Hancur, Luluh Harapan, Pasrah..Lantakla Apa Nak Jadi dah lepas nih. The Dr suggested for us to do the IUI since I'm still not pregnant and my one year period after operation will be expired. I was like OKla Dr..I'll just do it lah whatever..but he said let's do after Raya since Ramadan is approaching.

'Mana tau berkat bulan Ramadan, lepas ni adalah ' the Dr said.
Ok..we were sent back with some dose of clomid for prepare my body and a few instructions that we need to abide for the IUI process. He also prescribed us with Habbatus Sauda pills.

And my period finally came after it was three weeks from the due date. And Ramadan came and went.

This time I expected my period to come a week after raya. This time, just like last month I was late. ONE WEEK, TWO WEEKS and THREE WEEKS..I was thinking..this must be like last month. So I never once did the pregnancy test. In my heart I'm not expecting anything, this must be the cyst again. I just redha and pasrah. Moreover, I don't have any symptoms. Just the late period and tingling boobies just like whenever I'm due for period.

Then one day that makes me change my mind about having the pregnancy test was when my niece was down with hair lice. Since we were in close contact, I decided to shampoo my hair with anti-lice syampoo too. Only then my mom reminded me..

Pi lah check dulu. Mana tau pregnant. Ubat tu orang mengandung tak boleh pakai.
Humm..motherly instinct huh? Ok..this good daughter follow her mother's advice. this time around, my hubby was far away in US for two I was alone..Went to pharmacy and bought a test. I'll do this in the morning.

Came morning..I woke up for Subuh prayer..and decided to do the test then and there. And..after a few seconds..the test showed TWO LINES...what? Biar betul..hati time ni dah berdebar..berdebar..rasa nak pitam pun yer..Quickly settled myself and this time only one thing that I could think about..I need to tell my hubby!! Dan..dan tu jugak telepon..tak pk dah pasal roaming charges..

After telling my hubby and I'm still not convinced, I decided to do another test after a few days..and yes! The TWO LINES that I have been waiting remains TWO LINES...


The End.

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congratulations.. sama la.. i also pregnnt. but 2nd BB


KambingBujang: This was two years back..hehe :).


macam tak percaya jer bila dapat berita dia pregnant...Alhamdulilah. rasa macam nak ambik flight terus balik Msia..hehehe