Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What's Your Beauty Regime?

For me, as usual cleansing, toning and moisturizing..cukupla..

So far Alhamdulillah I was blessed with good skin..altho I've got a combination type of skin. I rarely got pimples breakouts, And my beauty products so far only came from the local drugstores like Guardian or Watson. And most of them are mix and match products and I don't really stick to one type of brand for cleansing and toning. It could be from Olay, Loreal, Nano White, Simple etcetera..but for moisturizing I've been a loyal customer of Olay.

Since turning into 30's I've been thinking of changing the type of beauty products. Tiba-tiba rasa nak pakai yg set2 gitu, boleh?

The last time when I bought my perfume (Dior Addict II), the SA had given me some sample of CD skin care..I've tried using it, and i think its GREAT!. The way she approached me adalah sgt genius:

SA : Kakak, pakai mekap jenis ape?
Me: Aaa..I tak mekap la..pakai bedak je.
SA: Wah, your skin very nice lah, kan..betul tak kak? --Ada plak sorang kakak lain dok tgk2 muka ku..
Kakak Lain : Ye lah..mmg betul..kulit you cantik..
SA: Mehla I kasik you try sample skin care nih..
Me : Aaaa..(blur.blur..) ok..Eh i tak mo beli tau..I nak beli perfume je..
Oh..I was totally flattered..floating bla..bla.mcm masuk lift tekan sendiri..

Ok..back to the main story..about the beauty product..

Its OK. Cuma mahal je lah kan..hehe but if its value for money, why not?

So I'm thinking of scouting another brand too..if you have experience in using other international or even local brands please leave your comments ok?

14 apples:


Mereka yang kebetulan duduk dekat situ mungkin pekerja syarikat kecantikan tu dan berlakon sebagai customer. Kerjanya adalah memuji-muji kecantikan customer yang datang dengan tujuan memperdaya kita dengan pujian tersebut. Kita yang pada ketika itu berada di awangan gagal membuat perkiraan yang bijak lalu kita pun membeli barangan yang mungkin tidak diperlukan...hehehe. Ni andaian jer, tiada kena memgena dengan yg hidup atau yg mati.


Daddy : Dah agak dah ada org nak comment akak2 mcm org gomen lah..


for me. mmg jarang ssgt use cleanse toner, moisturizer,leceh la. and alhamdulillah so far my skin ok n jarang ssgt ader prob. if beli all those beauty products, end up dlm tong sampah sbb almost 3yrs and expired.

however, recently im using bio-essence. ok la.. i pn agak rajin guna like daily wash my face, pakai toner and moisturizer.sbb dl i wash my face once a week.. huhu..


Salam K. Ida,

Ive been trying some of cleansing products as i do have sensitive + mix skin and always have breakouts.

clinique: a bit harsh for my skin, quite expensive. Pestukan, mase saye beli yg 3-steps tu kat France..sales gurl tu ckp kne beli moisturizer as Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion tak cukup utk lembabkan kulit. Tp Clinique cream eyes mmg worth for a try! :)

Bodyshop: product for visage tak sesuai jugak for my skin, buat kulit lagi kasar n kering tp product utk badan mmg bagus, like bodybutter or scrub =)

Currently im using Dermalogica and i keep doing facial at Leonarde Drake, so far, it gives me better result..breakouts dah kurang :)


Ida, you can try SKII sebab kulit u bukan jenis cepat naik jerawat, I've tried that few years ago..dia punya miracle water tu mmg bagus la..been telling my Hubby nanti kalo dah tua skit n kulit tak naik jerawat dah, nak guna balik essence tu..hehe..

for me the essence mmg worth it tapi it won't help kalo jenis kulit cepat naik I switch back to Biotherm for daily use..selalunya I jarang guna their day n nite moisturiser n toner tu, sebab tak de masa nak belek muka, tapi dulu2 time keje mmg rajin la keep the regime, mmg nampak kesannya..then occasionally I will use scrub Biotherm, best sebab halus2..actually kalo beli one whole set lagi murah dari beli satu2..tapi tu la selalu cleanser habis dulu dari brg lain :)


Kambing Bujang :Oh you pakai the whole range of Bio-Essencce punya set ke?

Amy : Clinique i pernah try cleanser soap je dulu..skrg pakai Dermalogica eh..

MQ : Which online shop yg murah tu? Acmamall ke?


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yup..saye pkai Dermalogica.
btw..Avene pon not bad..penah try dulu..reasonable price and sesuai utk stop pakai for no reason..huhuhuhu


An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

Karim - Positive thinking


beauty product i usually will buy kat jusco or metrojaya, dpt kutip point for cash rebate..tapi acmamall pon ada jugak kan jual brg biotherm ni, but not the range yg i pakai :)


salam ida,

selamat hari raya, maaf zahir & batin :-) lama tak keep in touch kan? i think the last time i met u was during tint's wedding..sekrg ni tint has an almost-2-yr old daughter dah! hehe..btw, u have such an adorable son! Allahumma baarek!

just wanted to put in a suggestion..kalau ida nak cuba - mary kay line of beauty products. it's very big in the US and u can find its advert in GLAM magazine. can check out their m'sian website as well :-). u can ask for a skincare demo n get a beauty consultant to come to ur house to help suggest the range of products suitable for u. they're very professional, offer personalised service n the good thg is they're not pushy at all. really depends on how comfy u r with the product. they leave it to u to choose, no obligation. kalau tak salah, melly is using mary kay as well :-)

kalau ida interested to try n see whether mary kay skincare products work for u, let me know ya? i'm not directly involved tapi ina boleh arrange for a good mary kay beauty consultant to see u personally n do a skincare demo for u inshaAllah. this is my contact no. 012 9255960.

btw, i moved back in with my parents sejak tukar kerja so i live in bangi now..jemput dtg rumah ya :-)


oh dear..i forgot to reveal my identity lol! this is ina alias, ida :-)..ur ex-schoolmate heheh


hi Ina!! OMG..its been a long time! Insya-Allah I'll contact you kalo jadik eh! Any blog of yours that I can visit?


alamak yang..i had 2 blogs previously but they've been dormant for sooo long that i decided to deactivate them. nanti kalau dpt mood to blog again ina bagitau ida yer? ;-) who knows, i might get inspired by ur writings ke..hehehe

btw, luurrve ur blog!