Thursday, October 22, 2009

Toddler's Sex Education right sex education should start early right? I know in our community S-E-X is still considered taboo..something that should not be discussed in open.

I can't recalled how my Mama used to educate me about sex education, I think I learned more when we were in secondary school. Tingkatan 3 , BAB 1 ..hehehe..

And yesterday, I received an email from BabyCenter.Com - Teaching your toddler about private parts. It certainly brings 'lampu' 'lampu' at my head..yess..that's something I should start to be concerned now. Looking at Nazif that is usually extra happy when we got his diaper off, running every where and looking pleased by showing off his private part..we have to teach him the right manner, kan. Now he's showing off, and we usually responded with..'Eiii..malu la Nazif nampak bird..'.later on he may started to ask me or his we better get ready with appropriate answer..

Okay now from the article..

As parents, we can get anxious when children ask about anything remotely sexual. But your child's curiosity about genitals is no different than her questions about eyes, ears, feet, noses, and other less private parts. And genitals are pretty interesting, as body parts go. Her questions are only natural — after all, she has to learn about private parts from someone, and it's best for that someone to be you.

How should you respond? Be direct, and stay matter-of-fact. Follow the rule of thumb: "Is this how I would tell her about elbows or knees?" Give her the anatomically correct name for the body part ("vagina," "penis") and avoid baby talk — using funny or silly words will just confuse her and, if anything, makes the discussion a bigger deal. If she asks what they're for, you can say that genitals are for going to the bathroom. If you feel comfortable mentioning that they're also used for making babies, that's okay, too. She may not get it, but a child this age has no understanding of sex and won't make that connection.

So, we should start by calling the right name for that private part, got it Mr Daddy?

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Drama Mama

a' nephew yang currently staying kat houston, cakap oenis ja terus. tapi i pun taktau nak cakap apa kat irfan lagi..hehe perhaps must teach him the right name kan, in english kot hoho


mummy: nanti daddy discuss dengan Nazif dulu...sebab dia tuan punya badan...


Drama Mama: I think in english mcm tak geli sgt..actually in BM what's the right word? Ke Penis jugak?

Daddy: Takpe..skrg leh overwrite..kuasa veto di tgn kita..hahaha